A Moorish Mirage

'A Moorish Mirage' - Gourmet travel feature for Food and Travel magazine on the Moroccan capital of Rabat

A Moorish Mirage. 
Where Nick Savage and I step into the Moroccan capital of Rabat to explore enchanting untouched streets, charming architecture and historic ruins while stopping for the odd glass of tea and a spicy sweet tagine...
Morocco's very own Winery, Thalvin Wines, Near Rabat.
Udayas Kasbah at sunrise from Sale, Rabat, Morocco.
The charming staff at Dinerjat Restaurant pouring tea in the traditional way to create the essential foam on top of the tea.
Traditional tea at Dinerjat Restaurant, Rabat, Morocco.
Hotel La Tour Hassan, Rabat, Morocco.
Mr Baya, the long standing employee of Hotel La Tour Hassan, Rabat, Morocco.
Mrouzia - Lamb with raisons, toasted almonds and honey at Hotel La Tour Hassan, Rabat, Morocco.
A royal guard at Hassan Tower & Mohamed V Mausoleum, one of three UNESCO sites in Rabat, Morocco.
Storks nest in La Challah, UNESCO Site, Rabat, Morocco.
Inside Rabat's rather laid back Medina, just one of three UNESCO world heritage sites, Rabat, Morocco.
Sunrise over Rabat from Udayas Kasbah, Rabat, Morocco.
The UNESCO world heritage site of the Udayas Kasbah, Rabat, Morocco.
Sandy beaches and more rugged coastline surround Rabat like the holiday beach here at the coastal town of Tamara.
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