'Images of Burma' All Points East Photo Tours

'Images of Burma' Photography Tours with All Points East and led by highly experienced, professional travel photographer Gary Latham, since 2012.

Gary Latham leads Burma photography tours in partnership with All Points East every year from November to March.

When you get there you may want to run the gauntlet with the local monkeys and climb to the summit but on no account eat snacks on the way up! No good will come of it for Man or Monkey...
Mount Popa Built on top of a Volcanic pipe, Burma.
“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” Said the Buddha, something I also have tried to apply to my travels. He also said; 'No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.' Umm must remember that one for that Sunday morning knock when I get home...
Bagan - Burma
Made completely from wood — Somehow it just feels right!
Bagaya Monastery - Inwa - Burma.
'Wait' I said, 'the sunset will be totally surreal' but when I turned around they were gone! For dinner beckoned and they were hungry.
Sunset over the ancient city of Bagan - Burma.
"I don't know why, but you'v just sold it to me I thought..."
Souvenir seller - Bagan - Burma.
Once upon a time you could donate a Buddha here but alas your passage to heaven must now take the long way home...
Cave of a thousand Buddha's - Pindaya Caves - Burma.
"Your teacher will never be this awesome..."
Bagaya Monastery - Inwa - Burma.
Traditional Fishermen Pose for Photographs... "When will this shameless exploitation of tourists ever stop...," I muse.
Lake Inle - Burma.
Believe me this is as hard as it looks - Fishermen - Lake Inle - Burma.
Well, I had to amuse myself somehow while waiting for my pancakes to arrive.
Sunrise - Kalaw - Burma.
'Call of Duty 2' - I wonder to myself as I search for my hotel in the gathering dark. 
Dusk - Kalaw - Burma.
'Yes turn the ISO up to 1600', I tell myself, 'well you should of brought your tripod after all', I secretly think - Note to self!
Dusk - Kalaw - Burma.
"I have nothing to give of any real value except my love"
Early Morning Alms Collection.
Monk - Bagan - Burma.
Giggling Novice Monks - Giddy On Good Karma No Doubt.
Kalaw Monestery - Burma.
"At last!" I shout to myself, "the perfect Ox-Cart in the perfect place!"
"Shall I tell the others I wonder...?"
Inwa - Burma.
We don't speak the same language but with humour, we reach across the cultural divide. Pein Ne Pin Tribes, where the smoking of cheroots is very much a way of life.
Paluang Hill Trib Villiage - Burma.
"No, I only sell Cabbages," I Imagine him saying to my un-asked question. 'I Love Cabbages I do,' he adds in a Monty Pythan-esq voice!
Cabbage Stall - Pyin U Lwin Market - Burma.
"Sun Like A Bauble...", Kevin Coyne once sang to me in a Dark Dance Hall, I suddenly realised that he wasn't lying but then he never did!
U-Bein Bridge - Burma.
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