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"Jewel In The Crown" - Gourmet Traveller feature for Food and Travel Magazine. Rosemary barron and I explore the rich and diverse food, history and culture of the ancient kingdom of Jordan.

Biblical landscapes, desert castles, Ottomen architecture, Bedouin tents and a wealth of magnificent Roman and Byzantium sites. Jordans unique position in the Middle East has created a unique blend of cultures and cuisines...

Amman, Jordan, one of the oldest continually inhabited city's in the word.
Downtown Amman, Jordan.
Downtown Amman, Jordan.
Butchers window, downtown Amman, Jordan.
Downtown Amman, Jordan.
Freshly made sesame seed bread for sale on a hand cart, downtown Amman, Jordan.
Old Mercedes, Paris Square, Amman, Jordan.
One of the famed desert castles, eastern desert, Jordan.
Rooftop restaurant in Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan.
Iraq Al-Amir, Jordan.
New housing developments on the outskirts of Amman, Jordan.
Views across the Jordan Valley from Mt. Nebo, mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the place where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land. The view from the summit provides a panorama of the Holy Land and, to the north, a more limited one of the valley of the River Jordan.
Mosque, Madaba, Jordan.
Madaba, Jordan.
Wild Figs, Madaba, Jordan.
Rather large mellon, road to Gedera from Amman, Jordan.
Kubah (Meat & spices inside deep fried lentil coating), part of lunch at Azraq Druze local Community, Jordan.
Hummus at Haret Jdoudna restaurant, Madaba, Jordan.
Kabsa (Dehydrated yogurt, spicy rice, chicken and almonds), part of a spectacular lunch prepared by the ladies at Azraq Druze local community, Jordan.
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