I’m Gary Latham, UK based commercial, travel and lifestyle photographer. 
If I had to sum up what I do in one sentence, it would be this; "I try to find magic in the everyday."
I shoot editorial features for travel magazines, I shoot life style images for advertising & design agencies, I shoot images for Image Source and Trevillion photo agencies, oh and I also take pictures for fun!
I graduated from Blackpool Design College and Lancaster University in 1996, with HND, PQE and BA (Hons) in Photography. After graduation I was assisting photographer to a number of advertising and fashion photographers in London before going freelance in 2000. I have been travelling the world with a camera ever since, supplying quality images to some amazing clients.
Taking photo's and image making is a real pleasure for me and I'v been doing it as a hobby since I was child. However, I take photographs not just for the pleasure it brings me but also for clients that like my way of seeing the world. My aim is to tell a visual story while trying to charge the image with an emotional resonance that will engage the viewer.
Light and a sense of drama are very important to me. Image making can be both a mediative and transformative activity. It is a moment when creativity can be expressed. The tradition of monochrome photography has always fascinated me, as does fashion, reportage and the thinking, philosophy and art of the Romantic Movement. I am looking to imbue my images with a feeling of mystery in the familiar, I am striving to find that special space between the found and the imagined. I am a follower of Henri Cartier-Bresson, in that I am looking for a decisive moment to capture the image, in that way the event remains ephemeral and spontaneous, where the image represents the essence of the event itself.


I'v been leading photography tours in South East Asia with All Points East since 2012. Exploring the beautiful and diverse countries of Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. The chance to pass on my knowledge and experience from working on numerous commercial and travel assignments around the world as a professional photographer really excites me and is a fun way to explore and teach photography in these incredible destinations with other like minded people.

Photo tours are a great way to explore these fascinating cultures and will aim to encourage everyone on the tour, not only to get to know their cameras and the digital workflow better but to engage with their subjects in a more meaningful way. In keeping with the All Points East philosophy, we encourage a travel photography that appreciates local people, cultures, customs, traditions and religions and tries to foster a positive relationship with the places and people we visit.

During the trip we will explore the basics of photography to get a good understanding of the process of image making and mechanics of the camera but also we will look at the aesthetics’ of the image and what it takes to make a great picture. Establishing a sound digital workflow and an informed method of working from capture through to post production will provide the basis for successful photography now and in the future.

ALL POINTS EAST (Southeast Asia Specialist) - PRESS RELEASE:
All Points East are pleased to announce that following a successful photographic assignment for the Burma feature in the October 2012, 'Special 150th issue' of Food and Travel Magazine, Gary Latham (photographer), will be leading our tours of Cambodia, Burma and Vietnam in winter 2012 onwards. Gary Latham (photographer) will be joining us in Southeast Asia this winter (2018) to lead various photographic tours through this stunning region, he is a vastly experienced travel photographer who has worked for major UK travel magazines, such as Conde Nast Traveller, Wanderlust, National Geographic Traveller, Lonely Planet Magazine and is a regular contributor to Food and Travel Magazine.


'IMAGES OF BURMA' (Myanmar) - BURMA PHOTOGRAPHY TOUR 14 Days (PMMX14) - November through February.
One of the most photogenic regions of Southeast Asia with its fabulous and varied landscapes, picturesque ruined cities, glorious temples, bustling street-life, flourishing Buddhist culture and bewildering mix of ethnic groups, Burma is a must see destination. Add to this the open nature of the people generally and Burma truly is a photographer’s paradise!

'IMAGES OF INDOCHINA' - VIETNAM & CAMBODIA PHOTOGRAPHY TOUR 16 or 14 Days (PVCX18/14) - November through February.
An exciting river and land adventure through the heart of Indochina from Vietnam’s bustling Saigon and picturesque Mekong Delta region, up-river to the fascinating Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, before heading west via the mysterious and dramatic, jungle-clad temples of the Angkor Wat Complex, the largest religious building on the planet. Then a river cruse by private boat to the ancient city of Battambang and the most unusual train ride in SE Asia.

'IMAGES OF LAOS' - PHOTOGRAPHY TOUR OF LAOS 7 Days (PLX7) - November through February.
A one week photography tour of Laos, exploring some of the historical, cultural and scenic highlights of northern Laos.
Our itinerary includes the fabulous ancient capital, now UNESCO World Heritage Site, Luang Prabang, where you can explore the beautiful temples and colonial architecture of what is acknowledged to be the best preserved city in Southeast Asia, followed by a spectacular drive through the central highlands to the remote, yet fascinating and mysterious Plain of Jars before completing the tour in the vibrant present day capital of Vientiane.
'IMAGES OF CAMBODIA' - PHOTOGRAPHY TOUR OF CAMBODIA 9 Days (PCX13/9) - November through February.
An exciting round trip, combining Cambodia’s Angkor temples and best known sites, with some of the more off the beaten track ones, in a road and river adventure through this fascinating and little known country. From the charming riverside capital Phnom Penh, overland through picturesque countryside to the mysterious and dramatic, jungle-clad temples of Angkor, then across the scenic Tonle Sap Lake and down river to Battambang before returning to Phnom Penh via the ‘floating town’ of Kompong Chnang.
An exciting river and land adventure through the heart of Indochina: from Vietnam’s bustling Saigon and picturesque Mekong Delta region, up-river to the fascinating Cambodian capital Phnom Penh.
Sadly curtailed by the global Corona virus pandemic...

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