Gary Latham leads Burma photography tours in partnership with All Points East every year from November to March.

Rush hour on the circle line - Burmese style - Yangon - Burma

Rush hour on the circle line - Burmese style - Yangon - Burma

Rush hour on the circle line - Burmese style - Yangon - Burma

"At last!" I think to myself, "the perfect Ox-Cart in the perfect place!"
"Where are the others I wonder...?"
Inwa - Burma.
Made completely from wood... somehow it just feels right!
Bagaya (Teak) Monastery - Ava (Inwa) Ancient City - Burma
"Your teacher will never be this awesome..."
Abbot at Bagaya Monastery - Inwa - Burma.

'How many  chrysanthemum's can you get on a motorbike? Well, how many have you got...'

Early morning flower market, near Mandalay, Burma.

"No, I only sell Cabbages," I Imagine him saying to my un-asked question. 'I Love Cabbages I do,' he adds in a Monty Pythan-esq voice!
Cabbage Stall - Pyin U Lwin Market - Burma.

Not just for tourists! 

These traditional Victorian miniature horse drawn stagecoaches (used as taxis) wait for the locals outside the market in Pyin U Lwin - Burma.

Nazi helmet while fishing - strange you might think? But actually it's a motorcycle helmet with the buddhist Manji symbol (Svastika in Sanscrit). In buddism this represents the harmonious interplay of the many opposites in life; heaven and earth, day and night, etc. (unfortunately, reversed and turned on it's axis the symbol was corrupted by the nazi regime forever). Perhaps no one told the Burmen...
Dusk - U-Bain Bridge - Burma.

"Sun Like A Bauble...", Kevin Coyne once sang to me in a Dark Dance Hall, I suddenly realised that he wasn't lying but then he never did!
U-Bein Bridge - Burma.

Pondering eternity? Or just admiring the view? You will find lots of Buddhist monks at sunset on U Bein Bridge - Near Mandalay - Burma

'Wait', I said, 'the sunset will be totally surreal' but when I turned around they were gone! For dinner beckoned and they were hungry.
Sunset over the ancient city of Bagan - Burma.
"I don't know why, but you'v just sold it to me I thought..."
Souvenir seller - Bagan - Burma.
“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” Said the Buddha, something I also have tried to apply to my travels. He also said; 'No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.' Umm must remember that one for that Sunday morning knock when I get home...
Bagan - Burma
Mount Popa Built on top of a Volcanic pipe, Burma.
An interesting experience but beware the monkey's...

On no account should you attempt to eat snacks while walking the 700 steps up to Mt. Popa - No good will come of it for man or monkey!

Once upon a time you could donate a buddha statue here to secure your passage to heaven but alas now you must take the longer route...
Cave of a thousand Buddha's - Pindaya Caves - Burma.
'Well, I had to amuse myself somehow while waiting for my breakfast pancakes to arrive...'
Kalaw at sunrise from the Pines Hotel - Burma.

Kids hard at work in the local school... well they were until we arrived... Pein Ne Pin - Paluang Hill Tribe Villiage - a mornings trek away from Kalaw - Burma

We don't speak the same language but with humour, we reach across the cultural divide. Pein Ne Pin Tribes, where the smoking of cheroots is very much a way of life.
Paluang Hill Trib Villiage - Burma.
'Yes, turn the ISO up to 800', I tell myself, 'well you should of brought your tripod after all', I secretly think!
Dusk - Kalaw - Burma.
Giggling Novice Monks - Giddy On Good Karma?
Thein Taung Pagoda Monastery - Kalaw - Burma.
Traditional Fishermen Pose for Photographs... 
"When will this shameless exploitation of tourists ever stop...," I muse.
Lake Inle - Burma.
Believe me this is as hard as it looks...
Intha Fishermen - Lake Inle - Burma.
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