Clifton Suspension  Bridge at Sunset.

Avon Gorge Hotel, Members Lounge with fantastic views of Clifton Suspension Bridge and the gorge.

River walks and canal boats.

Christmas Steps.

Isy Atkins picking apples at Barleywood Cider.

Mike Atkins picking Somerset Russet Apples at Barleywood Cider.

Mike Atkins operating the old hand cider press at Barleywood Cider.

Draught cider at Barleywood.

Wall art is a big thing in the fashionable Bedminster district.

Chris Cierpik owner of 'Rare' Butchers, Bedminster.

Bristol Beer Factory, Bedminster.

Hugo Sapsed, is a greengrocer and deli sourcing the freshest produce from just 15 miles outside the city centre alongside fresh pasta and espresso coffee inside the Loaf cafe & deli in Bedminster. 

Jan Ostle's fashionable Wilsons Restaurant.

Chef, Jan Ostle puts the finishing touches to a dish of Mallard (May contain Shot), Pumpkin and Radicchio at his restaurant 'Wilsons'.

Jan and Henry with the free range Berkshires Pigs in the Woods at Belmont Estate Farm.

Joss Eggleston, innovative chef of the Pony restaurant in Bedminster and the brains behind Breaking Bread on the downs (Below).

Breaking Bread a homegrown series of pop-up restaurants on The Downs in Bristol.

Views Across the River Avon from The Downs.

Owners Francesco and Francesca Verdaro, at their Italian Deli, Divino.

Mathew Pennington, the man behind the wonderful Ethicurean restaurant and dinning experience.

Vegetable charcuterie (Kohji Cured Root vegetables) at Ethicurean.

Plat de Mar at 'Fish' restaurant (on a barge).

Stephen Markwick retired chef with George Livesey the current chef at the renowned Bulrush restaurant, Bristol.

WOKYKO, rooftop asian restaurant, just one of the funky restaurants at the Box Park, Wapping Wharf.

Deep fried lotus root crisps at WOKYKO, Box Park, Wapping Wharf.

Rob Howell,  chef at Root vegitarian restaurant at the Box Park, Wapping Wharf.

Rob Howell puts the finishing touches to a dish of chargrilled hispi cabbage, grilled caesar salad with pancetta and grated Winchester cheese at Root Restaurant, Box Park, Wapping Wharf.

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