Canoa Beach, Ecuador.
You know your half a world away when the local Pelicans are as numerous as sparrows back home, Fish Market, Manta.
Early Morning Dorade for sale at Manta Fish Market by the Beach.
Early Morning Catch, Manta-Beach & Fish Market.
Ludo in da hud, back streets of Manta.
Local butchers, Manta.
Central Market, Esmeraldas.
Manta, the tuna capital of Ecuador. View from Poisiden Hotel.
Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, honey & rose water created by the lovely ladies at Muya Cocina Gourmet (Montecristi Chocolate), Manta.
Chef and owner Omar Rivadeneira, runs the friendly and unassuming Manta-Martinica Restaurant, probably the best in Ecuador.
Truly melt in the mouth! Galapagos squat lobster with saffron source at Martinica Restaurant, Manta.
'A' Tuna & Foiegras with panela Sauce (raw cane sugar), a really delicious combination of flavours.
Man on a donkey, road to Bahia from Manta.
Walking the cows, Playa Cristal beach, Ecuador.
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