Poached Egg Salad with camomile flowers at Bio hotel and restaurants, Bizau.
Typical Bregenzerwald landscape.
Bizau village centre, Bregenzerwald.
Lady in traditional village dress, Schwarzenberg Village, Bregenzerwald. Even the younger generation are wearing traditional costume as a fashion statement.
Kunst hotel and restaurants (Gasthof Hirschen Schwarzenberg) Schwarzenberg Village.
Almost every household or at least village will have it's own unique Schnapps producer, this one is a Pear Schnapps from Schobel Hochstgenuss, Bregenz.
Sheep out to pasture at Schafmilch Gmeiner Sheep Milk Farm, Bizau village.
Moor Flowers (Camomile) at Schulhus Krumbuach restaurant, Bregenzerwald.
Typical moorland landscape of Bregenzerwald is a unique wetland habitat.
Dried Strawberries at Schobel Hochstgenuss, Bregenz. These are just so unbelievably tasty, much better than sweets!
Hans Peter ('Hap') Bruchmann, selling his in season cherry's, Bregenz farmers market.
Here's something you don't often see in the UK, celery with it's root's, Bregenz farmers market.
The range and quality of produce available at the Bregenz farmers market is incredible. Here is Daniela Kohler holding 'tree spinach' (chenopodium gigantum), they make colourful salad leaves.
A view looking down the valley towards lake Constance on the road from Bregenz to Schwarzenberg Village, Bregenzerwald.
Carpaccio of venison with wild mushroom specially prepared at the Venison Feast, Schwarzenberg village, Bregenzerwald.
Wonderful alpine views a short walk from the cable car station, Bregenzerwald.
Alpine Horn Player at the venison feast, Schwarzenberg, Bregenzerwald.
Lodges perch above Schwarzenberg village centre, Bregenzerwald.
Of course the really great thing about the Vorarlberg is it's proximity  to Lake Constance. This gives a whole different dimension to the area. Lake Side Bar, Bregenz.
Lake Side Ducks, Bregenz, Lake Constance.
Fishing with Franz Blum in the dawn light on Lake Constance, Bregenz.
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