With a history going back to the mysterious Minoans and said to be the legendary birth place of Europe itself, Crete has long stood at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, East and West...
Fishing Boat Returning Home, Aghios Nikolaos Harbour, Crete. This image was used for the DPS.
Fresh Octopus, Chania Central Market, Chania, Crete.
Aghios Nikolaos Harbour, Crete.
Local delicacy, Snails for lunch at Ippokampos Restaurant, Hiraklion, Crete.
Chania Harbour, Crete.
Zacharioudakis Winery, Crete. Said to be build on the very hill where Zeus seduced Europa, to create Europe. "His presence still haunts the hills of this region...", say the locals.
Local Shepherd, Amari Valley, Crete
Kofinas Mountain, Kapetaniana, Crete.
Mr. Giannoutsos with dried oranges, Owner and Herbalist at Votana Botanicals, Kouses Village, Crete.
Church Of Ayios Nikolaos, Vizari Village, Crete.
There has been a pottery here at Thrapsano in Crete since Minoan times, the skill passed down from generation to generation.
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