Landscape around Mt. Exobourgo, Tinos.

Supervisor Manthos Villas at ACT (Agricultural Cooperative of Tinos), with wheel of Gravure Cheese.

New Cheese, produced at ACT (Agricultural Cooperative of Tinos), Tinos.

Herb sellers at Monastery of Aghia Pelagia, Tinos with a bunch of fresh Sage.

Ioannis Kritikos is a traditional Tinos charcuterie producer with a shop by the harbour. His speciality is Louza (air-dried pork, cured in red wine).

Tinos Harbour.

Fresh local Mussels at Restaurant Tarsanas near the harbour, Tinos.

Cat's are an ever present feature of Tinos, the Pelican blew in on a storm and decided to stay at fisherman George Souranis popular Banga Fish Shop, Downtown Tinos.

Grilled Sardines at Restaurant Tarsanas Taverna, Tinos.

Locally produced Vaptistis wine at Restaurant Marathia, Aghios Fokas Beach, Tinos.

The boulder strewn winery Toinos, Tinos.

Wine Maker Mr Georgilas tasting at winery Toinos, Tinos.

Views along the coast road from Pyrgos on the East-side of Tinos Island.

A Tinos cat makes itself comfortable in one of the many religious icon shop in the avenue leading up to the famous Church of the Virgin Mary.

Mr Diamantopoulos celebrating the latest batch of his 80% proof Raki at his underground distillery, Tinos.

Fava with onion & capers at the Dio Chora (Two Villages) Taverna, Dio Chora Village, Tinos.

Spoon Sweets, Coffee and Raki served after lunch at Dio Chora Taverna, Dio Chora (Two Villages) Village, Tinos.

Avgotaracho (Smoked and pressed Grey Mullet Roe), something of a Tinos speciality at Restaurant Marathia on Aghios Fokas Beach.

Kariki (local strong cheese matured in a sealed gourde) is another Tinos speciality served at the charming Restaurant Marathia on Aghios Fokas Beach, Tinos.

Strongylo goats cheese with marinated Plums, Grapes and Bee Pollen at the very fashionable and popular Thalassaki Restaurant at Ysternia Bay, Tinos.

Pickled Sardines on fresh Tomato with olive oil at restaurant Thalassaki at Ormos Beach, Ysternia Bay, Tinos.

A much more rustic but no less enjoyable lunch can be enjoyed at Taverna Agnanti, nestled in Ktikados Village Square, Tinos.

Sage honey for sale on the roadside outside Volax Village, Tinos.

The beautifully restored Xinara House a former bishops residence in Xinara Village, Tinos.

Traditional dove house on the hillside above Xinara House & Village, Tinos.

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