Calvi Citadel

Calvi town and citadel with the magnificent Gulf of Calvi, viewed from Madonna Statue Chapelle Notre Dame de la Serra

Stunning views on the D82 from Bastia to Saint Florant via Oletta.

Corsica is home to many stunning villages and churches like this Church near Ville-di-Paras.

The D81, Saint Florant to Calvi another of the roads offering beautiful views in northern Corsica.

Views of the coast from the Desert Des Agriates along the D81 between Saint Florant to Calvi.

Zilia Village through the Olive Trees at Huile d' Olive, the Nets are for collecting the Olives which fall when ripe. His harvest is therefor only every two years as he will not harvest unripe fruit.

Biscuiterie Artisanale, L'lle Rousse, Corsica.

Cafe Des Platanes in the main square, L'lle Rousse.

Nonza Village, Cap Corse, Corsica.

Patrick Martin-Afunderia, Knife Maker, Calvi.

Domaine Montemagni Winery, Patrimonio.

Pierre-Louis Pistorozzi, Pig Farmer and wild boar hunter.

Ravioli of Langoustines at Hotel La Ville, Calvi.

Restaurant I-Santi, four kinds of organic tomatoes, with tomato paté, a tomato sorbet, black olives and purslane shoots with a tomato water and olive oil dressing.

Owner Helene Ambrosini with her favourite waiters at the super friendly restaurant I-Scalini, in the picturesque hill village of Sant' Antonino.

Chef Yann Le Scavarec, restaurant Gaffe, Saint Florant.

Brousse (type of fresh cheese cake), Jose Salge Pattisierie, Saint Florent.

St Florant streets by night .

St Florent harbour from the Citadel.

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