'Portland Headline' - With a self image of independent outsiders, that do things their own way, Portland, Oregon has an eccentric and energetic food scene. Food and Travel magazine sent me along with Fiona Sims to find out what all the fuss was about...
Portland by night, view from the Departure Restaurant, The Nines Hotel.
Chef Gregory at the roof-top restaurant, Departure, The Nines Hotel, Portland, Oregon.
Inside The Nines Hotel, Portland, Oregon. It's so cool here, that I actually met one of my football hero's here, Mikaël Silvestre, formally of Manchester United.
This sign at the Music Millennium record store in the Laurelhurst area says it all about Portland's self image.
Eden Vintage Shop, in the trendy Pearl Area, Portland, Oregon.
In Portland you might feel weird if you don't have any tats. GrizzlyTattoo, Portland
Portland is overflowing with great restaurants and this is one of the best. 
Ava Gene's Restaurant, Laurelhurst, Portland, Oregon.
Charcuterie lunch at Olympic Provisions, Laurelhurst, Portland, Oregon.
Charcuterie is big in Portland and the quality is awesome at Olympic Provisions, Laurelhurst, Portland, Oregon.
Amanda Morse is a 'Grower' this is her on her urban farm plot, 'Blue House Greenhouse Farm', Portland, Oregon.
Portland's finest fruit and veg at the Saturday Farmers Market.
One of the best Farmers Market's we have ever seen, Portland, Oregon.
The famous 'Food Carts' in Portlands vibrant street food area, are a great place for lunch on the go.
Next stop is Ned Ludd's for the best breakfast in Portland and that's saying something, but it is pretty darn good!
...and for Dinner it's got to be the innovative Ox Restaurant for Clam Chowder with Smoked Marrow Bone, Willamette Sweet Onion & Jalapeño.
...followed by Maple Braised Pork Loin Chop, another signature dish at the Ox Restaurant, Portland, Oregon.
More charcuterie at the Wine Collective, here though, you can watch this central wine co-operative making wine while you dine!
Wine Collective, Division Street (SW Division), Portland, Oregon.
Wine Collective, Division Street (SW Division), Portland, Oregon.
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