'Raw Talent' - Travelling to the Jamtland area of Central Sweden with Fiona Sims where we get to eat at the fabulous Faviken Magasinet, Swedens hottest restaurant, meet the mad professor making sparkling wine from Birch Sap and feel like we're in an episode of the British re-make of Wallander... Yes, that's summer in Jamtland!

These traditional houses in the landscape, can't help but make you feel your in a scene from the British re-make of Wallander. Has anyone seen Kenneth Branagh? Ostersund, Jamtland, Sweden.
Grass roofed houses, Areskutan valley and lake, Jamtland, Sweden.
Magnus Nilsson, Chef at Faviken Magasinet Restaurant, part of an exciting new breed of chef's who are going back to nature. It's elemental, pure theater and utterly fantastic!
Johan Agrell, Sommelier and partner in crime at Faviken Magasinet Restaurant.
Everything here is sourced within 50 kilometres of the restaurant, including these amazing scallop's "I Skalet ur Elden",  cooked in their own juices over burning juniper Branches. Faviken Magasinet Restaurant.
Out foraging with Chef Magnus in the local woodland near the hunting lodge come restaurant, Faviken Magasinet Restaurant.
Crispy deep fried lichens with lightly soured garlic cream. Faviken Magasinet Restaurant.
Traditionally houses in the region are painted Falu Red, Ostersund, Jamtland, Sweden.
Road Skiing in preperation for the icy winter that will follow, Ostersund, Jamtland, Sweden.
A dog guards the Woolpower Factory in Ostersund; No Sheep but he still looks worried!

Kall Lake from Kall Auto Lodge where in winter you can race a Porche 911 across the frozen lake and then dine in their excellent restaurant with food prepared by the charming chef Jonas Landmark.
Eva Gerfvert has just been voted the 3rd Best Coffee Roaster in the world and her partner Per Nordell, Swedens Best Barista. Together they are Kafferosteri, Swedens premier Coffee Roaster's. Just one of the many wonders hidden away in Jamptland.
A reindeer wait's to cross the road on the way up to the Havvi Glen Sami Territory, Oviken Mountains, Central Sweden.
Havvi Glen Sami Territory, Oviken Mountains, Central Sweden.
Flower and berry cakes, typicallt Swedish and holistic at the Kretsloppshuset (Circle of Life House) Cafe.
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