"Souk and you shall find..." - Known as the Island of the Lotus Eaters, Ulysses named Djerba Island a magical and mythical place after landing here on his Odyssey...
Djerba Island - Tunisia.
Fish and spice market, Houmt Souk, Djerba Island - Tunisia.
Dorade for auction at Houmt Souk fish market, Djerba Island - Tunisia.
Spice & fish market, Houmt Souk, Djerba Island - Tunisia.
Fisherman at sunrise, Houmt Souk Port, Djerba Island - Tunisia.

La Ghriba Synagogue, Djerba Island - Tunisia.

Once a thriving community, La Ghriba Synagogue is now a place of old men... but still wonderfully evocotive.
Ancient olive trees and spring daisies, Nr Guellela, Djerba Island - Tunisia.
Ancient olive trees Nr Guellela, Djerba Island - Tunisia.
The berber woman of Djerba Island wear distinctive Straw Sun Hats and are notoriously shy about having their picture taken.
The Dar Dhiafa Hotel in the ancient Jewish town of Erriadh, Djerba Island - Tunisia.
Osban, a vegatable parcel, Swiss Chard Leaves Stuffed with Parsley Onions and Rice at Essofra Restaurant, Hamout Souk, Djerba Island - Tunisia.
The small town mosque visible accross the rooftops of Erriadh, an old jewish enclave that is being turned in to luxurious boutique hotels, Djerba Island - Tunisia.
Djerba beach in the pre holiday season is deserted and has a wonderful run down feeling, Djerba Island - Tunisia.

Sunrise at the port of Houmt Souk with the fort of Borj El K'bir in the background, Djerba Island - Tunisia.
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