The Reindeer herd in full flight on Sacred Mountain.
This image won an honourable mention in the International Colour Awards.
New snow on a brilliant new morning. In the distance the mountains we must cross before the migration ends.
Sami reindeer herder, Kennart - he's the boss.
Prior to migration the reindeer are rounded up for tagging.
Capture, corralling and tagging prior to migration.
We are all packed and ready to go, the migration begins.
The migration begins, the reindeer in full flow.
Keeping stragglers rounded up before the bad weather sets in.

We rest for the night in a traditional communal tent, called a Lavu.

We feed the reindeer moss, from felled trees, it's so good they even tolerate a close-up.
The weather takes a turn for the worst but the migration goes on.
In the early stages of the migration the reindeer move fast, following their natural instincts but as we climb higher they begin to tire, just as the weather takes a turn for the worst.
Last legs now! The reindeer herd slow down as they cross the Sami Sacred Mountains.
Home sweet home, a warm log cabin awaits us at the end of the migration.
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