Paper money was only introduced to Papua New Guinea 60 or so years ago, the preferred currency being shells called 'Kina' (the modern currency is named after this shell). For those of higher status, the ‘omak’ (OH-mak)’ was used, a long necklace of small bamboo sticks in a ladder-like fashion. Each strip on the omak represents 10 pigs or 10 kina shells (a large pig may be worth 500-1000 kina), an important indication of the wearers social status. This is Chief Terima, one serious granddad, his spear is made from a human tibia and in the village skull hut, the skulls of his felled enemies are proudly displayed for all to see. "I remember exactly the time, place and reason for every enemy killed..." he said to me!
Remote and tropical, Papua New Guinea is lapped by seafood-rich azure waters and steeped in tribal traditions. Pork belly is roasted with spiritual fervour, while yams from fertile valleys and bananas, coconuts and ginger flavour the freshest feasts, here Michael Raffael and I take a bite...

Chief Terima is now in his eighties, has five wives and numerous children and grand children, Paiya Village, PNG. 
Skulls of the fallen enemies of Chief Terima, Skull House, Paiya Village, Highlands Highway, Mt Hagen, PNG.
Woman's Sing-sing, or dance of welcome, Paiya Village,  Mt Hagen, PNG.
Warrior Craftsman, Paiya Village, Highlands Highway, Mt Hagen, PNG.
The famous Mud Men warriors re-enact their creation story for us at the Pogla Village Cultural Centre,  Mt Hagen, PNG.
Would-be Melpa Warriors, put on a show for us at Moika Village, Mt Hagen, PNG.
Sunrise views from Rondon Ridge Lodge, Mt Hagen, PNG.
Airways Hotel, complete with airplane bar, kind of sums up the crazy atmosphere of Port Moresby, PNG, said to be the most law-less capital city in the world.
Preparing traditional Haigir, that is; Cooking with coconut, herbs, chicken & hot stones. Hot stones from the fire are wrapped in Banana Leaves before adding to the Haigir.
Tavurvur and Vulcan Volcanoes, Kokopo/Raboul, East New Britain, PNG.
Looking back at my young guide on the canoe ride to local village, near Tufi Resort, PNG.
Boys in an out-rigger canoe with Tavurvur & Vulcan Volcanoes in the background from Kokopo Beach, Kokopo, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea.
Catch of the day is mostly Mullet. James fishing in Duke of York Bay in his outrigger canoe, Kokopo, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea.
'Baining Fire Dance', one of the most amazing ritual's you are ever going to see! To find out more see the blog: Fire Walk With Me
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