Soviets - Monument to the Heroic Defenders Of Leningrad.
Tsars - Actress Valeria, poses Tsarina-like outside the Russian Museum.
Soviets - Vintage Tram Ride through St Petersburg's Historic Centre.
Tsars - Horse Drawn Carriage rides past the Winter Palace in Palace Square.
Soviets - Lennins Statue out side the House of Soviets.
Tsars - Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood
Soviets - Soviet era film Screenings at Dom Kino Rodina Cinema.
Tsars - Performance of Swan lake at the Mariinskiy Ballet Theatre.
Soviets - Typical Communist era communal kitchen at Museum of Political History.
Tsars - Antonio Kanova Sculpture Gallery (New Hermitage Bld) in The Hermitage.
Soviets - Soviet Era Propaganda Posters at the Gelios (Antique Shop).
Tsars - Testing for cracks before shipping at Lomonosov Imperial Porcelain Factory Shop.
Soviets - Chess and Vodka at Kvartika Restaurant.
Tsars - Idiot Cafe Restaurant
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