'Keep It Wild' - Fiona Simms and I go in search of Glaciers, Sea Eagles and the Church of Cod. America's extraordinary 49th State, is part old world Russia, part Native America and totally old west pioneer spirit. Alaska is a fascinating, wild, beautiful and eclectic mix!

Stillpoint Beach, Halibut Cove, Alaska
Stars and Stripes, Homer Spit, Alaska
Spectacular views along the Kenai Peninsular on the drive from Anchorage to Homer, Alaska
Homer Spit, Alaska
Tulka Bay Lodge, Alaska
Tulka Bay, Alaska
Old boats and lupins, Homer Spit, Alaska. Don't know why but the mere mention of lupins and I think Monty Pythons.

One of the amazing things about Halibut Cove is that Sea Eagle literally fill the air in an arial display to make Richard Attenborough jealous.
Halibut Cove, Alaska.
Russian Church, Seldovia, Alaska
My kind of church! Sign, Seldovia, Alaska.
Wild salmon with quinoa.
Mother and DaughterChefs; Kirsten Dixon (owner) and Carly Dixon (Daughter). Tulsa Bay Lodge, Alaska.
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